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The Impact on Our Residents

Carol Batson 

Charles Street Group Home

"There are nice people here and it’s a wonderful apartment. The surroundings and the atmosphere are the best part about living here. I participate in bingo, meals, and putting up decorations when we have parties."

Marca Shaw 

Pine Street Apartments 

"Living here has meant being in a stable environment, so I can live every day and not worry about being on the streets. I like that they take care of the building and check on us and fix everything."

Joe Taylor 

Orchard Street Group Home

"Living here has meant that my mental health has improved and my everyday routine is better. I like the staff and the food – both are good. If anyone has a problem, these people are friendly and helpful."

Our Impact from Our Partners

Amy Bliefnick, President & CEO 

Macon Resources, Inc. 

"We are so grateful for the partnership we have with Woodford Homes. The affordable housing we receive because of Woodford Homes allows us at MRI to focus on our mission of providing our individuals with services that promote their growth, independence, and self-worth.” 


Lanella King, Program Manager 

Orchard Street Group Home

"We consistently experience clients who, once they move into Orchard Street, they don’t want to move out. They feel safe, cared for, and part of a family. The growth we see our residents make is remarkable and heartwarming.” 

Jeanette Taylor, Program Manager

Prairie Street Group Home  

If it weren’t for Woodford Homes, many of our residents would be living in dirty, substandard housing or would still be living in a nursing home. They are given another opportunity to live independently in the community after believing that they may never have the chance to do so again.” 

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